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so they can continue to bring environmental awareness to every village family.
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Las Damas Unidas de Agua Buena de Coto Brus
In 2007, the volunteer group Coalición Reciclaje and the Costa Rican NGO Asociación Terra Nostra, united their efforts to co-develop an original initiative that marries art, recycling, environmental education and gender equality.

Born of the need to generate alternative sources of revenue to strengthen community recycling in rural areas, organized groups of women - those most often responsible for rural recycling - are trained in making this eco-jewelry, using only materials commonly found in recycling centers: pull-tabs from discarded beverage cans woven with fabric remnants. 

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A network of production centers was established in early 2008, to which was added a national network of points-of-sale that offer the articles made by these women recyclers: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and belts, handbags. “RecyclArt, Crafts for the Environment” is the name of the line of accessories, as well as the environmental education project that oversees the production, and national and international marketing.

You can help by becoming a re-seller of RecyclArt eco-jewelry. Please contact:

(506) 2232-3295


Photo of a RecyclArt necklace that won a first prize in the photo contest "Transform Your Country", sponsored by Geocycle, Stein Laboratories and the City of San José, Costa Rica.

Behind each article, crafted from what we commonly call trash,

is a dream of saving the world, in the hearts and hands of

village women recyclers,

who create beauty from “basura”, to educate their community

in the environment’s three “R’s” (reduce-reuse-recycle).

Who would guess that the origin of such art

is discarded beverage cans and cloth remnants?

Photograph: Laura Millet; text: Daniela Arguedas

From pull-tabs to funky jewelry

This original handmade jewelry is the fruit of a socio-environmental project which seeks to produce a change in the way throw-away materials are seen, demonstrating that common “trash” can be transformed into attractive articles, provoking concrete actions in response to our individual responsibility to preserve Planet Earth.

The purchase of these articles contributes to generating alternative revenues for groups of women recyclers who devote both their creative imagination and their labor in recuperating these materials, to preserving the environment.

RecyclArt doesn’t train women to make and sell eco-jewelry, rather it makes and sells eco-jewelry to train women.

The proceeds are used to generate and strengthen environmental education projects through community recycling in rural villages in Costa Rica.